Male Yeast Infection -What Makes Men Susceptible To Getting A Penis Yeast Infection

Male Yeast Infection -What Makes Men Susceptible To Getting A Penis Yeast Infection

Not many people realize that a Male Yeast Infection is possible, although it’s much less common than in women. Yeast infections in women, children and men are due to the overgrowth of Candida, a particular kind of yeast or fungus (specifically, Candida albicans). This yeast is found in the body of children, women and men and is totally normal, but a yeast infection occurs when the growth gets out of control.

Factors behind Penile Candida Albicans

Causes of a male candida albicans can vary. This has been found to occur more often in males who are not circumcised and the explanation for the reason being some men may well not properly clean underneath the foreskin. Having intercourse using a partner that has a genital candida albicans can pass the problem back and forth between partners; however, some physicians and researchers believe this cause is more uncommon. It is important, however, that if you are in a sexual partnership that you refrain from sexual contact until all symptoms are resolved. This really is to avoid from passing the infection back and forth. Some other things which make men vunerable to a penis candidiasis are overuse of antibiotics in addition to diabetes since the elevated sugars in the urine of somebody with diabetes provide ample food for yeast.

Causes of Other Male Yeast Infections

Along with penile candida albicans, men may also get other kinds of infections like oral cutaneous and invasive candidiasis. The usage of antibiotics is probably the major reasons of having a candidiasis. This really is for men, women and children. Men can also be more susceptible to get yeast infection if they have a weak immune system caused by other diseases such asdiabetes and cancer, and HIV. Your diet is actually a major issue and some foods could cause problems, more specifically foods which include sugar and yeast such as beer.

Male Candidiasis Symptoms

Signs and symptoms of a penile candida albicans include:

•Itching or burning in the tip of your penis.

•Red rash around the penis, particularly at the tip.

•Irritation and soreness at the tip of your penis.

•Balanitis or swelling in the foreskin.

•Whitish discharge from the meatus (hole on the tip of your penis).

Simple Therapy for Penile Infections

As long as it is caught early enough, these yeast infections are relatively simple to treat. You might also wish to do something to avoid recurrence of the penis candidiasis.Yeast Infections in Men The simplest way to deal with a candida albicans is by using over-the-counter antifungal creams or ointments. It’s okay for males to use creams that are more targeted for females, including Monistat. Some research suggests adding several drops of white vinegar to every dose to deal with the problem faster and. Just don’t add vinegar alone for the penis because it may “burn” your skin layer.

Prescription Treatments for Penile Infections

If the infection is not treated, it can become a more serious and painful condition of the penis which is called phimosis.

It may require a visit to the doctor if the infection is bad enough and will not go away with the use of fungal creams or other home remedies. The doctor or caregiver will usually give a strong antifungal medication like Diflucan (fluconazole) or Nizoral (ketaconazole) to take care of the problem. Before taking this leap into pharmaceutical treatment, however, be sure to try natural and safer measures because side effects can often be worse than the condition it is treating.

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of candida infections and treating the infection in the beginning can avoid the problem from more and more severe.

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